Best Dragbag of 2024 – Top 10 Reviews

In this article we reviewed and rated the Best Dragbag of 2024 – Top 10 Reviews, available on The bags were assessed for overall build quality, material, zipper quality, layout, pockets, warranty and price and were then judged as to the best performer for the money. We start off the reviews with a table where we layout the stats of each of the best rated dragbags for you to compare each bag. We have heard the questions numerous times, “What drag bag should I buy?”, “What’s the best dragbag?”. It really comes down to what you need it for and how frequently you will use it. The more often, the better the bag you need.

A Dragbag is primarily used by the military and law enforcement to carry a sniper rifle, spotting scope, log book, range finder, wind meter and the ammo along with it. The bags usually have a Molle system webbing on the outside of the bag for the attachment of larger pieces of gear like a tripod and also additional pouches and Ghillie netting. The dragbag name comes from military usage where the bag was sometimes dragged empty behind the sniper between his legs when he was crawling on a stalk with his rifle. There is a heavy duty loop at the narrow end of the bag with a thick cover that wraps around the end of the bag to prevent snagging on vegetation and rocks and also to protect the nose from friction wear.

The material used to make most military gear is Cordura or NyTaneon, usually 1000 but sometimes also 500 in the lighter more cost effective pieces of gear. There are also less durable bags made from heavy Canvas and also PVC materials. Drag bags have closed cell foam on both sides in pockets in the interior to protect the rifle, optic and contents of the bag. This foam is usually replaceable and accessed by zippers or velcro inside the bag. The drag side of the bag is lined with strips of heavy duty nylon webbing to prevent wear while dragging and usually have concealable shoulder carry straps.


Best Drag Bag Specification Comparison Table

RankBrandMaterialZippers LengthWidthThickWarrantyOrigin
2Eagle Industries1000DYKK48113LifetimePuerto Rico
4Tactical Tailor1000DYKK51112.5LifetimeUSA
5Galati Gear1000DYKK48122.52 YearChina
6US PeaceKeeper1000DNo name52125LifetimeChina
7Condor1000DNo name5211.551 YearChina
8MidwayUSA1000DNo name50112Limited LifetimeChina
9VooDoo TacticalCanvasNo name52125Limited LifetimeChina
10Elkton Outdoors1000DYKK4012.56Limited China


Best Drag bags of 2024 – Top 10 Reviews


#1 Eberlestock Sniper Sled Drag Bag

The Eberlestock drag bag was tied for first place in dragbags of this review, but it is always available and as such nabs first place firmly. It has great construction, good material, quality YKK zippers and large well thought out pockets to fit all of your gear. The balance of the bag when loaded is also nice as you are not forced to strategically move gear around in the bag to get it to carry level. The backpack carry straps are great in location and quality design and material make carrying a loaded bag easy and comfortable. Every piece of kit we have used made by Eberlestock has been fantastic. Eberlestock gear comes with a Lifetime warranty which is a huge positive. Here is what Eberlestock has to say about their bag.


“The Sniper Sled is widely considered to be the best 52″ drag bag on the market. Our unique triple-fold rifle design is the only tapered bag that folds flat into a shooting mat. The third leaf also serves as an internal divider panel, which makes this an excellent two-rifle case. The E2B features a MOLLE-type attachment system for its three removable bags. The middle of these bags is a MOLLE compatible-version of Eberlestock’s A2MP MultiPack (a $44.95 value). Other improved features include a secure, adjustable, and removable harness system.  The harness can be mounted two ways, 180-degrees apart, so that you can carry the bag with your rifle barrel up, or in a lower-profile barrel-down mode.  Super-strong drag loops are fitted to either end. 

The interior features MOLLE/PALS-type webbing and two large plastic-mesh zippered pockets (shielded from your rifle by the middle leaf), secure and adjustable weapon tie-downs, and a fold-in rifle crown protector. A full MOLLE/PALS array covers the front panel beneath the detachable bags.”


#2 Eagle Industries Drag bag

Eagle Dragbag

The Eagle Industries drag bag is the industry gold standard and has been for 30 years although it’s sporadic availability bumps it to 2nd place. We covered this bag in great detail with many photos and explanations and opinions in our comparison of the Eagle and Blackhawk bags. The link to this article can be found here and is well worth the visit, If you can find one of these bags, they are the bag to get if your budget allows for such fine kit. This bag will last you the rest of your life, without question.


#3 Blackhawk Long Gun Sniper Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

The Blackhawk Drag bag comes in third place of best rated dragbags. The design of this bag is a copy of the Eagle Industries Drag bag with changes in material and YKK zipper size, at less than half the price and is available everywhere, always.

It’s a great take on a classic battle proven layout and design, and will outlast most users. It carries well due to the location of the carry handle actually being in the center of weight of the bag unlike other brands. The bag has plenty of storage and fits most any gear and has external Molle to attach larger pieces of kit to the external surfaces of the bag. We have had one of these bags for 15 years and it is still going strong, it really surprised us but we are sold on them. Blackhawk gear comes with a Lifetime warranty too but we haven’t needed it yet! Here is what Blackhawk has to say about their bag.

“Ready to deploy! The Tactical Long Gun Drag Bag from Blackhawk is designed and built to meet the needs of the tactical sniper / operator. It is a completely self contained system for carrying your rifle and other gear in enemy op areas, and then low crawling quietly into position. The case is fully padded with closed cell foam and an extra heavy duty YKK zipper with dual sliders. When traveling on commercial aircraft, the BlackHawk Long Gun Drag Bag will fit inside many hard cases available on the market. The interior has two 1″ wide nylon straps with Silent Side Release buckles for securing your rifle.

Two interior accessory pouches: 1 pouch holds tools, a cleaning kit and another long pouch holds a solid cleaning rod. The top of the bag has eleven loops for additional camouflage. Security flap over zipper snaps shut for additional protection. Nose cover protects the bag and eases low crawling and movement through heavy brush without damage or snagging of the bag. Drag loops on front and top of bag allow bag to be pushed or pulled through the brush. Both cargo pouches have two full length compression straps with quick release buckles for securing gear such a spotting scopes and tripods.”


#4 Tactical Tailor Drag Bag

Number 4 on the list is the Tactical Tailor Drag Bag, these are great bags if you can find one, if they were more readily available they would have been higher on the list. The Sniper Drag Bag can hold a scoped rifle up to 50″ in length and holds it securely in place with three adjustable tie downs. The outside of the bag features three pockets to carry your spotting scope, log book, cleaning kit or other supplies. The bag isn’t as heavy as either the of the above three which is nice depending on how roughly or gently you treat your kit.

Inside the bag features a padded crown cover to protect the end of your barrel and a cleaning rod compartment built into the spine of the bag. On the outside, the back of bag is lined with 2″ nylon webbing for protection while dragging the bag, a heavy duty webbing loop for dragging, webbing loops along the front of the bag to attach garnish, and shoulder straps to carry the bag backpack style that tuck away in their own compartment when not in use. Constructed of 1000 denier Cordura nylon and padded with closed cell foam rubber which you can change out to add thicker foam if you are rough with your gear to better protect your rifle.

  • Main Rifle Compartment: 51″ long x 11″ wide x 2.5″ deep
  • Left Pocket: 8″ tall x 18.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep
  • Middle Pocket: 6″ tall x 9″ wide x 3.5″ deep
  • Right Pocket: 4.75″ tall x 11″ wide x 3.5″ deep



#5 Galati Drag bag

Sniper Dragbag

The Galati bag is a take off of the Blackhawk bag and is nearly identical in layout to the Blackhawk and Eagle bags. One of the changes made to this bag that we do not like is the carry handle is set further back on the bag causing the bag to be nose heavy if the barrel of your rifle is too large of a diameter. This issue can be offset by strategically placing your other gear that is heaviest in the square pocket at the back of the bag. Other than that this bag is a good representation and will last the recreational user for a long time and it also comes with a 2 year warranty. Here is what Galati has to say about their bag.

“Classic Drag Bag – 48 inch – Olive Drab Designed for snipers, by snipers, the Galati Drag Bag is a self-contained system for carrying your rifle and other gear long distances, then moving quickly and quietly into position. The Galati Drag Bag is made from 1000D Nylon with over 1/2″ closed cell foam padding on each side of the case. The case will hold firearms up to 48″ in length and 12″ in height. The reinforced nose cover on the bag provides extra protection and features a drag loop to make it easy to push or pull through the underbrush. A security flap snaps shut over the heavy-duty YKK dual-slide zippers for extra concealment and durability. The Galati Drag Bag provides two large pouches on the outside of the case to hold all of your gear.

The rear outside cargo pouch measures 10″ x 13″ x 2″ with a flat pocket on the flap. The front outside cargo pouch measures 10″ x 23″ x 2″. An additional inside accessory pouch measures 11″ x 4″. Accessory loops are sewn on the outside of the case to attach any item with an alice clip. The firearm is secured in the case by the use of straps. The straps and holders are set up so that your firearm can carried muzzle end up or down. The Drag Bag can be carried by the reinforced carry handles, dragged on the ground by the drag loop or can be used as a back-pack. To use as a backpack, simply remove the padded backpack straps from the concealment pocket and snap into place. Case Dimensions: 48″ Length x 12″ Height x 2 1/2″ Wide

#6 US PeaceKeeper Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

The US PeaceKeeper drag bag is very similar to the Blackhawk and Galati bags in design. It looks very similar but the pockets on the outside of the bag are lacking in comparison. The large forward pocket is noticeably shorter on this bag which limits the length of spotting scope and gear that you can fit in that pocket. This bag is also the first bag on the list without YKK zippers. This is a big deal, think about how many zippers on cheap backpacks you have seen broken. It is 9 out of 10 times a non YKK zipper, however US Peacekeeper has a Lifetime warranty. Here is what US Peacekeeper had to say about their bag.

Sniper Dragbag

“Our 52″ Drag Bag is unequaled at securing and protecting your precision rifle. With 3″ padding, secure webbing system, an integral hood for additional muzzle protection, multiple accessory pockets (including one specifically designed for one-piece cleaning rods), wrap-around handles, drag handles, padded backpack straps for additional carry option (including a hidden pocket for these straps when dragging the bag), and a snapped flap to protect zipper from dirt and moisture, no other case offers such dependability and versatility. 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wrap-around handles, drag handle, and padded backpack straps for different carry options.
  • Hidden pocket for backpack straps
  • Three front accessory pockets
    • (1) 23″ x 9″ x 2″
    • (1) 11.5″ x 10″ x 2″
    • (1) 11.5″ x 10″
  • Protective hood to give extra muzzle protection
  • Snapped flap to protect zipper
  • Webbing system with adjustable straps for securing gun
    Two interior pockets


#7 Condor Sniper Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

The Condor bag is keeping with the traditional Eagle Industries design with a few changes throughout, some good and some not so much. The addition of the divider leaf in the bag allows for longer gear besides the rifle to be kept inside the main compartment without damaging the rifle, this is a major positive. The outer front pocket arrangement is strange with the two long narrow pockets which really limits what can be stored in them due to their shape. The bag is the offshore version of the heavy 1000 denier Nylon and the zippers are not YKK which is a longevity negative.

Sniper Dragbag

“The Condor Sniper Drag Bag is the solution for snipers who have to carry and prepare a variety of gear for their missions. Equipped with storage pockets inside and outside, the Sniper Drag Bag is ready to carry mats, veils, magazines, cleaning kits, and documents to the field and back.

  • Four interior weapon-securing straps with quick-release buckles
  • Main compartment with lockable zipper
  • Three exterior storage pouches
  • One interior pouch
  • Removable padded internal divider
  • Hide away/detachable padded shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Imported”


#8 MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

The MidwayUSA drag bag is nearly identical to the Condor bag with all the same positives and negatives. The addition of the divider leaf in the bag allows for longer gear besides the rifle to be kept inside the main compartment without damaging the rifle, this is a major positive. The outer front pocket arrangement is strange with the two long narrow pockets which really limits what can be stored in them due to their shape. Midway USA has a Limited Lifetime warranty on their nylon kit such as this bag which is a positive. The bag is the offshore version of the 1000 denier Nylon and the zippers are not YKK which is a longevity negative.

Sniper Dragbag

“The MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag Scoped Rifle Case is the perfect gun case for competition or a day at the range. The MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag Scoped Rifle Case is constructed of a super tough 600 Denier PVC coated polyester that is considerably lighter than 1000 Denier but almost as abrasion resistant. Additionally, the Sniper Drag Bag features reinforced stitching, heavy duty zippers and closed cell foam padding in all pockets that will provide a long lasting gun case that ensures excellent protection for your gear. The 6″; full wraparound loop closure handle is balanced in the center of the empty case for stability and the heavy duty removable backpack straps make carrying this case much easier.

These cases also benefit from additional features that allow them to truly be used as a drag bag when doing a stalk to your final firing point. The nose of the case incorporates an additional guard to keep sticks and grass from working their way into the case. This nose cap is tethered to the case to keep it secure. The drag bag has a complete divider wall for 2 gun storage. 3 external pockets and 1 internal pocket gives you plenty of storage for all of your supplies and accessories.”


#9 VooDoo Tactical Ultimate Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

The Voodoo bag is very similar in layout to the Condor and Midway bags with the exception of the Voodoo having Molle mounting panels all down the length of the front of the bag. This bag is made from a different material than the other on the list, it feels like a PVC coated Canvas and the zippers on this bag are also not YKK. This bag is priced too high for what it is in our opinion. Voodoo has a Limited Lifetime warranty on their nylon kit such as this bag. Here is what Voodoo has to say about their kit.

“Rugged pack cloth construction with 4 assorted outside pouches. Overall length 53″. Universal straps both inside and out. Silent pulls on every military grade nylon self repairing zipper. Adjustable shoulder strap with non-skid pad, removable hidden, padded, adjustable shoulder harness that allows for muzzle up or down carry, two sets of web carry handles and drag handle. Padded interior with securing straps houses the weapons. A removable cleaning rod pouch with inside ammo loops as well as a padded center divider to protect rifles on both sides and two padded handgun inside pockets.”


#10 Elkton Outdoors Tactical Sniper Rifle Drag Bag

Sniper Dragbag

Elkton outdoors is a new player in the Tactical gear market and are as such still working out the kinks in getting a top quality piece to market. Their drag bag is 40″ long which is great for a 20″ barreled rifle but too short for anything else unless you have a folding stock. This bag has a very similar layout to the Condor and Midway bags but on the interior it does not have the divider for two rifles. This bag also does not have YKK zippers which is a longevity negative. The price point is what makes this bag an option, you can’t go wrong with the price.

Sniper Dragbag

“The Ultimate Drag Bag for Gun Enthusiasts:
At Elkton Outdoors, we built our Tactical Rifle Drag Bag for gun enthusiasts who want a durable drag bag that will stand up against anything. We made it with heavy duty nylon, reinforced double stitching, tough YKK zippers, and foam padding, to provide superior protection for your rifle and tactical gear!

This rifle bag is versatile and can be used as a tactical rifle bag, drag bag, and rifle case backpack! To use the rifle bag as rifle case backpack, simply remove the straps from the storage pocket, and then youre ready hike anywhere! A drag strap and drag guard are included to help you get through though areas while keeping your gear safe!

Tactical Rifle Case Pocket Measurements:
-9″ L x 3″ W x 11″ H & magazine holders
-9″ L x 11″ H
-19″ L x 3″ W x 6″ H & 5 magazine holders
-19″ L x 3″ W x 5½” H
The tactical rifle case pockets will provide plenty of room for all of your ammunition, supplies, and other tactical gear!

Elkton Tactical Rifle Drag Bag Features:
– Closed Dimensions: 40″ L x 6″ W x 12.5″ H

– Expanded Dimensions: 40″ L x 28″ W
– Weight: 4.84lbs.
– Holds rifles up to 38″ long & carries up to 45lbs.
– Materials: 1000D nylon, waterproof polyurethane, 210D polyester, & closed cell foam padding
– Drag strap, nose guard cover, & optional backpack straps
– 4 large pockets, 7 elastic magazine holsters, & molle webbing

Our team at Elkton Outdoors has worked hard to deliver a tactical rifle case that provides all the functionality, longevity and durability you should expect out of your tactical gear.”


We hope you enjoyed our Best Dragbags of 2024 – Top 10 Review and that you found value in it. Happy Shooting!




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  1. You missed the Tactical Operations bag. I had an older, original St. Louis-made Eagle and the TacOps one eclipses it by a wide margin.

    • You are indeed correct, the TacOps bags are spectacular. Unfortunately they are hard to find and priced out of reach of most non professional shooters. We did our best to compile a list that was both reasonably affordable and widely available. Thanks for bringing the Tac Ops up, we may do an article comparing it to the Eagle to show the differences.


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